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Thanks to the efforts of many, is proud to bring you the online, searchable database of Theatre Organ Original Installations.

At this time, only the Wurlitzer List has been updated with information about existing condition and status of the organs where known. We hope to update the information about all other makes as we can get information from the public. Please help us update the list with any information about any organs of which you know the origin or history for future generation's use. Also let please let the webmaster . know of any difficulty you experience as we work the bugs out of this new system.

Muchas Gracias

Without the extensive help of Peter Beames of Australia on the Wurlitzer information this database would not be possible. All other Non-Wurlitzer opus list information has come from information compiled and the use thereof freely granted by The Encyclopedia of the American Theatre Organ Copyright 1985 by the author, David L. Junchen, and published by Showcase Publications, Post Office Box 40165, Pasadena, CA 91104, from readers of this page and research/compilation by the Webmaster, Jerrell Kautz.

If you do not already possess a copy of The Encyclopedia of the American Theatre Organ , GET IT TODAY! for the best reading and information on the subject available.

This information is only a starting point. If you know of any additions, corrections, current status updates, etc. regarding any theatre pipe organs then please email us so we can update this database and keep it as accurate as possible.

We will continually upgrade and improve our database, search engine.

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