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EsteyAustraliaSydneyCrystal Palace5912/111908AustraliaXX
EsteyAZPheonixKTAR Radio28312/31929Grand MinuetteUSAXX
EsteyCABellMaybell Theatre19832/10192212753USAXX
EsteyCABellAlcazar Theatre22142/10192515876$15,375.00USAXX
EsteyCABurbankWalt Disney Studio28123/10Moved from United Artists Studio Hollywood, California.USAXX
EsteyCABurbankKELW Radio28312/3Moved from KTAR Radio Pheonix,ArizonaUSAXX
EsteyCAGlendaleGlendale Theatre18643/27Moved from previous location.USAXX
EsteyCAHollywoodIris Theatre19252/101921Moved from Queen Theatre Long Beach,California.USAXX
EsteyCAHollywoodUnited Artists Studio28123/101930237491010"&12"USAXX
EsteyCAInglewoodSeville (Palms) Theatre21952/5192415324Luminous Console. $7,500.00USAXX
EsteyCALong BeachHoyt's Theatre14682/181916Sold by Southern California Music Company.USAXX
EsteyCALong BeachQueen Theatre19252/101921USAXX
EsteyCALos AngelosEstey Studio2/1619209408With Roll Player.USAXX
EsteyCALos AngelosMike Gore Theatre1906USAXX
EsteyCALos AngelosSouthern California Music Company14682/181916With roll player.USAXX
EsteyCALos AngelosKHJ Radio16992/16Moved From previous location;later enlarged.USAXX
EsteyCALos AngelosWest Coast Theatre2214Located at Vermont & Washington Streets;moved from previous location.USAXX
EsteyCALos AngelosLiberty Theatre4271/7190758-note roll player; no pedals.USAXX
EsteyCAMonterey ParkMonterey Theatre22562/5192416896$7,400.00; Luminous console.USAXX
EsteyCAPasadenaW.C.& Louis Goodno18643/2719201145456'USAXX
EsteyCARiversideOwl (Regent) Theatre12902/919145766Cost $3,050.0USAXX
EsteyCARiversideLoring Opera House16652/16191891207.5USAXX
EsteyCASan DiegoDream Theatre10272/71912USAXX
EsteyCASan DiegoRudder's Café11252/141913A7362With Roll Player. Cost $3,095.00USAXX
EsteyCAWhittierScenic Theatre17662/16192010149$9,450.00USAXX
EsteyCAWhittierStrand (Roxy) Theatre21812/5192415278Luminous Console. $7,175.00USAXX
EsteyCODenverIsis Theatre7762/151910USAXX
EsteyCTPlainsvilleStrand Theatre26092/7192719911USAXX
EsteyCTPutnamBradley Theatre26812/5192720774$5,500.00USAXX
EsteyCTRockvillePalace Theatre26802/51927Order cancelled. $5,500.00USAXX
EsteyEnglandLondonCafé Royal26102/141927201943With roll Player.ENGLANDXX
EsteyFLMiamiAlcazar Hotel28302/31929Grand Minuette, with 20-note chimes and 49-note harp.USAXX
EsteyFLSt.PetersburgWSUN Radio28302/3Moved from Alcazar Hotel, Miami Florida.USAXX
EsteyHammersmithLondon Postal AreaBrook Green Hotel2/81929Removed for scrapUK19658UnitANFALSEFALSEFALSEUnknownNN
EsteyIDWallaceIsis (Liberty) Theatre11392/13Moved From Empress Theatre Missoula,Montana.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoLyon & Healy Store18722/71921"Theatre organ stoplist"according to Estey records.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoAshland Theatre21962/41924Luminous Console. $4,968.00USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25042/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25052/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25062/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25072/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25082/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25092/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25102/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25112/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25122/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25132/51926Practice Organ.USAXX
EsteyILChicagoMasonic Temple25142/61926Practice Organ.USAXX


Manufacturer - Manufacturer (WurliTzer, Barton, etc)
State - State/Suburb/Province Depending on Where in the World it is
City- City
Opus - Opus Number for those makers using opus numbers
Size - Number of manuals/Number of Ranks of Pipes
Location - Theatre or Location of Organ
Year - Date of Installation at this location
Blower Serial # - Serial Number of the Blower: n.b. Those Beginning with Letters are generally Kinectic Blowers, Spencer Serial numbers are generally numbers only.
A blower serial number ending in TUR is a Spencer Turbo blower, typically used for vacuum for the organ's piano.
HP - HorsePower Rating of the Blower
WP - Wind Pressure Used
Country - Country
Location # A,B,C... - A= Original Installation, B= 2nd Installation (Relocation), etc.
Comments - Comments related to this installation
Misc - Miscellaneous Field of Information
Add'l Info- Misc. Information
Status - Current Status of this Organ (See Key below)
Style - Manufacturer's "Model" or Style Number: n.b. The Wurlitzer Styles List Lives Here or Dave Schutt's Wurlitzer Model Decoder/Style Selector Lives Here.
WS - Wurlitzer Wiring Schedule Number ------------
More information is available on the WurliTtzer Organs than others, Thanks to the extensive work of Peter Beames of Australia
and that information is included where available

For additional information regarding WURLITZER instruments, refer to the Wurlitzer Opus List ONLINE

Opus List - STATUS

The STATUS field indicates the disposition of the instrument or the fate of an instrument.

OK - The organ still exists and is playable.
NG - The organ still exists but is not playable.
PT - Parts - some or all of the organ has been dispersed.
RP -Repossessed by the manufacturing company (usually for financial reasons).
SD - Sold.
AD - Addition or alteration.
XX - Unknown
JK Junked


This information is only a starting point from the very beginning.... delivery of the instruments to a location from the factory. What happened to all these glorious instruments after that is widely unknown. With the help of readers, we hope to find the current disposition of many of these instruments. Most have simply been lost to the ages. If you know of any additions, corrections, current status updates, etc. regarding any theatre pipe organs then Please Email Us so we can update this database and keep it as accurate as possible.


Without the extensive help of Peter Beames of Australia on the Wurlitzer information this database would not be possible. All other Non-Wurlitzer opus list information has come from information compiled and the use thereof freely granted by The Encyclopedia of the American Theatre Organ Copyright 1985 by the author,David L. Junchen, and published by Showcase Publications, Post Office Box 40165, Pasadena, CA 91104, from readers of this page and research/compilation by Jerrell Kautz, Webmaster.

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