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Want to Sell: 8' Capped Oboe, Milwakee WI

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts

Capped Oboe 8 Pipe Rank, Milwaukee WI 8 Capped Oboe, 4 Wind Pressure, 3&1/2 scale at CC, 49 Reeds 12 top matching flues. Zinc bodies with top one third spotted metal. This rank is in reasonable condition considering its age. There are two pipes that need repair. Pipe # 2 C Sharp is broken right at the miter. Pipe # 28 D Sharp is broken right at the block. The low octave resonators are bowed, but not badly bent. This rank was made by the Samuel Pierce Organ Pipe Co. in Reading Mass., sometime between 1896 and 1910. This is based on the pipe markings indicating that Frederick Irving White was the voicer, and those are the years he worked for S.P.O.P. Co. Photos can be seen at : Pick up is preferred, but delivery in Wisconsin is possible for reasonable compensation. If you need to have this shipped, packing materials and labor as well as shipping charges will be the buyers responsibility. Im asking $ 600.00 for this rank, and all legitimate, reasonable offers will be considered. I ( Larry ) can be reached via E-mail at : Larrytow at MSN dot Com Or by phone at ( 414 ) 254 3337 till midnight CDT most days.
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Asking: $600.00 / Offer

Larry -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Milwaukee,  WI  USA
Telephone: 414 - 254 - 3337



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