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Want to Buy: single or double manuel - or just the switches

Category: Electronic Organs and Parts

Hi I am trying to place the following ad: Wanted keyboard assembly one or two manuals Wanted the Switches from a one or two manual keyboard assembly: Hi I have an old used keyboard from a harpsichord that I need to quickly add switches to and I don't want to cannibalize my home practice console which I have set up for MIDI. I am trying to add switches so I can take the harpsichord keyboard around with a Hauptwerk sampled harpsichord and play in retirement homes, and hospitals, and other places where using a virtual instrument would allow me to play as a complete offering - with no overhead, and bring music to people who might not be so able to get out to a church or a concert hall. Also, this would avoid the expensive overhead of not having to pay movers and shlepp (and bang up) rather heavy harpsichords in and out of tight places. At least, can anyone direct me to where I can get such switches? I can take a photo of the switches that are on my console if that helps, but it seems that these are very common and used on keyboards commonly at least up until the last few years or so (or as long as keyboards were made out of wood!!!! Thanks! Scott
Asking: 0-$100

Scott Johnson -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Los Angeles,  CA  USA
Telephone: 3236206554



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