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Want to Sell: Hammond C-3 with Leslie 122 (1970)

Category: Hammond Organs and Parts

This organ was appraised at $2,000. From a dealer you would expect to pay from $4,500 to $6,000. It is in very good condition and sounds great. I would keep it if I had room. The details are listed below. The only blemish is on the left side of the organ where the previous owners (the original owners) had a plaque mounted. The wood underneath is slightly darker. This organ was never in a smoking residence. Please serious inquiries only. Email me for info or additional contact info. See it at

Serial # S/N B-91870 dates to 1970

Model C-3

Production Years: Jan 1955 to 1974

Synopsis: The C3 is equipped with Hammond chorus/vibrato providing 3 levels of chorus and vibrato, selectable for each manual independently. It is equipped with Hammond Percussion. The percussion has four controls: ON/OFF, Volume:

NORMAL/SOFT, Decay: SLOW/FAST, Harmonic: 2nd/3rd.

Cabinet Size: With pedal keyboard and bench: 48.75x46x49.5 (WHD, inches), 450lbs with bench.

Finish: Walnut/Oak and speciality finishes.

Manuals: Swell and Great, 61 keys each.

Pedals: Removed and no longer available.

Controls: 9 presets and 2 sets of 9 drawbars for each manual. 2 adjustable drawbars (16' and 8') for pedals. Amp/Output: Internal preamp only.

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Asking: $2000 obo

Christopher Miller -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Sacramento,  CA  USA
Telephone: email for phone#



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