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Want to Sell: Hammond CV Console w/Leslie Speakers

Category: Hammond Organs and Parts

Model CV Serial # 23039 dates to 1948 Production Years: Sep 1945 to Dec 1949 Synopsis: Same as Hammond BV but in church style cabinet. Equipped with Hammond vibrato providing three degrees of true vibrato and "OFF" position, effective only on both manuals simultaneously, together with vibrato chorus usable in three different degrees and "OFF". It is not equipped with percussion. Finish: Walnut Manuals: Swell and Great, 61 keys each. Pedals: 25-note radiating, detachable. Controls: 9 presets and 2 sets of 9 drawbars for each manual. 2 adjustable drawbars (16' and 8') for pedals. Amp/Output: Internal preamp. Requires B+ from a tone cabinet or Leslie Features: Model #122A, Serial #7055421 The vibrato switch is similar in appearance, function, and placement as on the B-3. It is a six-position rotary switch whose functions are V1-OFF-V2-OFF-V3-OFF. Chorus is selected by a toggle mounted on the stationary part of the music rack. One expression pedal controlling swell, great and pedals.
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Asking: $3,000

Carolyn Mitchell -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Danevang,  Texas  USA
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