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Want to Sell: Pipe Organ - Parting Out

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts

Parting Out Seven Rank home pipe organ. Installed in a ~10' x 9' basement chamber. 3 individual rank chests. Unit, electromatic with Reisner magnets and pouch chests. Probably Gottfried. 73 notes each. EP offsets chests for 16' Bourdon, 16' Doppleflute, 8' Doppleflute, 8' flute, 8' diapason (wood pipes) 8' string, 8' reed Ranks include: 16' - 2' Doppleflute 16' - 4' Open flute (bottom 2 octaves stopped flute) 8' - 4' Open (bottom octave wood open) 8' - 4' Salicional 4' Salicional celeste 8' vox (gottfried) (excellent condition) 8' Fugle horn (?) Moller capped reed All chests wired with amphenol connector phone cables 3 regulators 2- 18" x 24" 1 - 12" x 18" 1 - 'book style' winker 3/4 hp Spencer turbine blower runs on 110v or 220v 350cfg @ 7" WP Durst Rectifier - 20 amp 37 note chrys (action only - releathered recently) Everything on 4" wind NO CONSOLE or RELAY. Sorry. Looking for offers on entire chamber contents or will part out chests / ranks / regulator / blower etc. Considering all offers. Cash and carry. No shipping at this time, sorry. photos:
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