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Want to Sell: "Mediterranean" Oak H-Series Church Organ H-395

Category: Hammond Organs and Parts

Hammond model H-395. serial # D190039. Two 61 note keyboards plus pedals. Full drawbars plus presets. Matching bench. Organ is in immaculately kept condition. Plays great. An organ like this, in similar condition sell for as much as around 1000 bucks. If you are seriously interested, send me an email and we will go from there. 500 or Best reasonable offer. This is a very nice organ, and is not just a throw away. MUST SEE and HEAR. H-395 "Mediterranean" in Oak, with built-in Auto-Rhythm unit. - HX100 like H100 in X66 cabinet Manual:Two 61 note manuals with overhanging keys. Includes 25note detachable pedal board. Controls: One expression pedal effecting both manuals and pedals...tone compensated photo-cellt ype. Kick switch mounted to pedal cancels vibrato "immediately". 9 presets and 2 adjust keys for each manual. 2 sets of 11 drawbars for upper manual, 2 sets of 10 drawbars for lower manual. 4 pedal drawbars. 28 tabs for percussion, vibrato, sustain, reverb, etc. Amp/Output:Stereo amplification plus a bass channel. Two 8"speakers and one 15" speaker. Mixture of solid-state and tube circuitry. Features: 96 tone wheel generator with self-starting synchronous motor. Tones go up to a high B(around 8,000Hz), then fold back. Fold back note: 16' goes all the way down, the higher harmonic in the mixture draw bars does not fold back. Reiteration, percussion touch control, harp sustain, string bass, lots of vibrato/chorus controls, reverb controls. Could be very cool. Value @$750.00>1K
Asking: $888

Brian Holmes -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Madison,  Wisconsin  USA
Telephone: 608-446-1222



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