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Want to Sell: Reed Organ- Mason & Hamlin, 19th Cen., Walnut

Category: Reed Organs and Parts

Beautiful reed organ, worthy of both play and display, with a cabinet of exquisite black walnut, adorned with gold leafing and red lining, manufactured in the late eighteen hundreds by Mason & Hamlin- a well respected piano company ranked among the Bosendorfers preferred by Brahms, Liszt and Bartok. It is equipped with pressure bellows, as constitute harmoniums, to vary the output of volume and dynamic levels. Thirteen stops, including the Vox Humana, afford a sweet and nuanced range of timbres. Formerly the private property of a cello teacher with provenance dating back to Pablo Casals and Stradivarius violin makers, it graces any home with quiet charm and usefulness. Viewing in the month of May, by appointment. 860 817 9819 Note: Dedicated amateurs with few funds are invited to offer a manageably lower price.
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Asking: $295 obo

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Hartford,  Connecticut  USA
Telephone: 860 817 9819



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Vintage Hammond  Organs
"Buying and Selling Classic Hammond Organs - No Counterfeit B3s"