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A full-sized church/recital organ – the console is an original AGO specification 1966 Allen two-manual drawknob console, retrofitted with new stopknob faces to reflect the 2009 specifications. With the exception of the original moving drawstop SAMs, all internal components of the console have been digitized. Artisan MIDI and sound engine are driven by a stationary Linux-based computer system with no moving parts. At present, the specification is 52 digital ranks based on the “American Classic” tonal model, with many more ranks available in the sound engine. Ports are located in a convenient drawer on the front of the console to access the system and make tonal alterations as desired. The digital ranks are actual recorded samples of pipe organ stops. These are NOT physically modeled, synthesized or artificially created sounds. Solid-state Allen amplifiers, installed in 1996, provide plenty of power. Three HC-15 Allen speakers (utility finish) provide a full range of sound, from the lowest 32-ft. notes to the highest notes of the mixtures. The upgraged adjustable capture combination action has four levels, but only one is currently available, the other three not having been wired as yet. All divisions are under expression currently. A new digital organ of this size and quality from a top-of-the-line builder such as Allen, Rogers or Phoenix would cost upwards of $150,000 installed and voiced. We are asking $35,000 or the best reasonable offer for this unique, powerful and versatile one-of-a-kind digital pipe organ. This would make an outstanding organ for a chuch seating 1,000 or more – or the perfect organ for home or studio. Buyer to remove from first floor library; speakers are in a chamber installed at the top of the room next to the ceiling.
Asking: $35,000 OBO

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