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ATOS INDY?? WILL BRING YOUR PURCHASETO INDY. PRICES REDUCED!! Additional items added at the end. If you have ANY interest in anything, MAKE AN OFFER!! I will bring any of these items to Indianapolis if you buy them and will be at the convention. All options considered. I can also meet you half way between your organ and mine for delivery. Kilgen 3902 parting out: Viole d'Orchestra 8', 68sc on 8" $350.00 OBO-- Tibia 8,, 73 notes Small scale on 8", $350.00 OBO--- 8' Casavant Horn Diapasaon, formerly leather lipped, from Sinai Temple, TORONTO,Bernier,voicer, 14 zinc pipes, balance lead, was on 8", $375.00 OBO---3 rank unit chest, releathered in 1980,$250.00 OBO---16' Bourdon/Tibia basses 12 notes $275.00 OBO, Chests available---Original relay, $50.00 OBO---Console, refinished as original, lacquer over dark wood grain.$200.00 OBO---4 valve 36"x42" 4 Valve regulator/resrvoir, releathered, 1980, $375.00 This is an excellent reservoir regulator for theater work---37 note Morton/Wicks Re it orchestra bells, solid, needs leather. $300.00 OBO---49 note note Moller Harp, Releathered, valves stems need to be installed. $425.00 OBO---Swell shades and frame, individual motors, approximately 6' x 6' $75.00 OBO.---Pipe work packed for shipping---.5 note Kiglen Chimes and action $100.00 OBO.---Very big discount if you buy multiple parts or everything. I want to bring this to you in INDY!! ALL PRICES are very negotiable. ANY interest? MAKE an OFFER! New Stuff..... Rodgers Trio nearly perfect condition, Walnut, $1500 Rodgers 110-II Very Good Condition, Walnut, Reverb, Headphone Panel. $850. Wurlitzer 4520, Beautiful little console, I think it is the prettiest full size home console ever, you can fit AGO pedals on it, complete, needs work, EXCELLENT Midi console $500.00 Baldwin Digital lighted stop tab style console, Klann) Perfect for Midi project, Walnut, Roll top, AGO, $350.00 2- Large Baldwin Mulit ( 5 or 6) channel amp/speaker, Walnut, Perfect Condition, $425.00 each Allen Th-12 dlx, Walnut Good, needs a few tweeks $250.00 Baldwin Amp system for the Ugly Speaker/Pipe facade, 12 or 14, 50 and 25 watt amps. $Offer? Spencer Turbine, 2HP, 110/220, newer motor, 12" static, fits thru 34" door excellent home pipe organ blower $700. Pictures and details available. Pipe work and percussions can be packed for shipping. I have plenty of very large pipe organ related boxes (Schopp, OSI, pipe crates, etc) that any of this can be packed in for shipping.
Asking: $1.00

Paul Szymkowski -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Hammond,  In  USA
Telephone: 219-201-2332



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Hammond Organs - Inventory For Sale NOW!

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Unless Sold AS-IS, Scratch and Dent, or Otherwise Discounted All of Our organs are reconditioned before sale*

Scratch & Dent A100 / Leslie 44w,   $5,500.00  $3,350.00 ON SALE!

D152 with Leslie 710,   $6,500.00  $3,000.00 ON SALE!

'69 Hammond A105, Leslie 122,   $8,500.00  $6,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C2 Scratch & Dent w/ 45,   $5,500.00  $4,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond B2, Leslie 22H Scratch and Dent,   $6,500.00  $4,750.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C3, 22H Leslie,   $7,500.00  $5,500.00 ON SALE!

Grandma's B3, 122,   $12,500.00  $10,500.00 ON SALE!

B3 & 147 Leslie Scratch and Dent 1961,   $12,500.00  $6,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond BV w/ 21H Leslie, pretty nice warm sound,   $6,500.00  $3,900.00 ON SALE!

Hammond B2 w/ Leslie 122A,   $6,500.00  $3,995.00 ON SALE!

History! WWII Hammond G w/ 21H Leslie,   $5,500.00  $3,500.00 ON SALE!

A100 w Leslie 22H,   $6,500.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond A102 w/ Leslie 45,   $5,500.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

Very Nice C3 w/ 122 Leslie,   $8,500.00  $6,500.00 ON SALE!

A100 with Leslie 147, Excellent,   $6,500.00  $5,350.00 ON SALE!

D152 with Leslie 122, great organ,   $8,500.00  $6,500.00 ON SALE!

1971 Nice Hammond B3, special priced with 22H Leslie,   $12,500.00  $6,995.00 ON SALE!

'69 Scratch & Dent B3 w/ Leslie 21H or 22H,   $12,500.00  $5,500.00 ON SALE!

Nice Hammond C3 with Leslie 22H,   $7,500.00  $6,500.00 ON SALE!

A100 Scratch & Dent Special Leslie 45 SCREAMER,   $6,500.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C3 organ with Leslie 22H/String Bass,   $8,500.00  $6,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond D-152 w/ Ventilator II + Walls of Sound,   $7,500.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

Concert RT3 Hammond with Leslie 22H,   $7,500.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

A100 w/ Leslie 45 Scratch and Dent,   $5,500.00  $3,995.00 ON SALE!

1955 Cherrywood B3, with Leslie. *Sale Pending*,   $12,500.00  $9,500.00 ON SALE!

1961 Hammond B3, Excellent with 21H or Choice of Leslie,   $12,500.00  $9,500.00 ON SALE!

1958 Hammond B3, w/ 122 Leslie,   $12,500.00  $9,500.00 ON SALE!

1956 Hammond B3, 122 Leslie,   $12,500.00  $9,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C2 SCRATCH AND DENT w/ 21H Leslie,   $6,500.00  $3,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C2 w/ Leslie 22H,   $6,500.00  $3,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 22H,   $10,500.00  $5,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond B2 w/ Leslie 21H or comparable,   $6,500.00  $5,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond RT3, w/ Leslie 147,   $10,500.00  $7,495.00 ON SALE!

Hammond A162 No Leslie Needed! DEMO UNIT ON SALE ONE ONLY,   CALL or EMAIL- SAVE $$$

Brand New Hammond B3 & 981 Leslie,   CALL or EMAIL- SAVE $$$

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Our inventory of Pre-Owned organs varies daily but we keep this page up to date. Contact us for information on the listed organs or any other tonewheel Hammond model you may need. We have many organs in stock that are not "prepped" for sale yet and they do not necessarily appear in this list.

Only organs listed as including a Warranty get a warranty. Setup and Delivery where specified is subject to negotiated terms and conditions. Extra charges for other than straight in, commercial locations. Free Delivery includes Shipping via Keyboard Carriage and available to any church, school or commercial location within continental USA. Email or Call for further details. Free shipping includes organs purchased from this webpage or in house, marked FREE SHIPPING, not those purchased via or other methods nor does the free shipping offer apply in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

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*Pedal Solo Units are never rebuilt or included in the price unless specially ordered. Discounted organs are not refurbushed completely but are brought up to a normal standard of resaleable condition and all repairs made. In this economy no one wants to pay for a complete rebuilt which is quite expensive to do.

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