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ATOS INDY?? WILL BRING YOUR PURCHASETO INDY. PRICES REDUCED!! Additional items added at the end. If you have ANY interest in anything, MAKE AN OFFER!! I will bring any of these items to Indianapolis if you buy them and will be at the convention. All options considered. I can also meet you half way between your organ and mine for delivery. Kilgen 3902 parting out: Viole d'Orchestra 8', 68sc on 8" $350.00 OBO-- Tibia 8,, 73 notes Small scale on 8", $350.00 OBO--- 8' Casavant Horn Diapasaon, formerly leather lipped, from Sinai Temple, TORONTO,Bernier,voicer, 14 zinc pipes, balance lead, was on 8", $375.00 OBO---3 rank unit chest, releathered in 1980,$250.00 OBO---16' Bourdon/Tibia basses 12 notes $275.00 OBO, Chests available---Original relay, $50.00 OBO---Console, refinished as original, lacquer over dark wood grain.$200.00 OBO---4 valve 36"x42" 4 Valve regulator/resrvoir, releathered, 1980, $375.00 This is an excellent reservoir regulator for theater work---37 note Morton/Wicks Re it orchestra bells, solid, needs leather. $300.00 OBO---49 note note Moller Harp, Releathered, valves stems need to be installed. $425.00 OBO---Swell shades and frame, individual motors, approximately 6' x 6' $75.00 OBO.---Pipe work packed for shipping---.5 note Kiglen Chimes and action $100.00 OBO.---Very big discount if you buy multiple parts or everything. I want to bring this to you in INDY!! ALL PRICES are very negotiable. ANY interest? MAKE an OFFER! New Stuff..... Rodgers Trio nearly perfect condition, Walnut, $1500 Rodgers 110-II Very Good Condition, Walnut, Reverb, Headphone Panel. $850. Wurlitzer 4520, Beautiful little console, I think it is the prettiest full size home console ever, you can fit AGO pedals on it, complete, needs work, EXCELLENT Midi console $500.00 Baldwin Digital lighted stop tab style console, Klann) Perfect for Midi project, Walnut, Roll top, AGO, $350.00 2- Large Baldwin Mulit ( 5 or 6) channel amp/speaker, Walnut, Perfect Condition, $425.00 each Allen Th-12 dlx, Walnut Good, needs a few tweeks $250.00 Baldwin Amp system for the Ugly Speaker/Pipe facade, 12 or 14, 50 and 25 watt amps. $Offer? Spencer Turbine, 2HP, 110/220, newer motor, 12" static, fits thru 34" door excellent home pipe organ blower $700. Pictures and details available. Pipe work and percussions can be packed for shipping. I have plenty of very large pipe organ related boxes (Schopp, OSI, pipe crates, etc) that any of this can be packed in for shipping.
Asking: $1.00

Paul Szymkowski -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Hammond,  In  USA
Telephone: 219-201-2332



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Allen,   120 RTC,   $1,495.00   Self Contained


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Lowrey,   SE-5,   $995.00   The Conductor


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