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Want to Buy: Want to Buy: Original Wurlitzer Console components

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts

Looking for original Wurlitzer stop tabs (full length for pneumatic action) of around 1926 and onwards vintage. Currently need: 1 x Short Red stop (for back rail) 3 x Long Black stops. Will consider buying other stops for spares as well. Also looking for original: metal tubing which connects blow boxes to stop tab pneumatics (need approximately 14 pairs -would need to discus lengths etc), divisional dividers (x2) for lowers stop rails & 2 wooden stop rail fill-ins (One 3 inches and one 5 inches approx). Prepared to discuss price. Please e-mail me if you are wanting to sell any of these items.
Asking: $Neg

Robert Wetherall -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Adelaide,  South Australia  Australia
Telephone: Not Listed, Please Email



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