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Want to Sell: Baldwin HT2R 2 manual 1968

Category: Electronic Organs and Parts

For sale is a 1968 Baldwin HT2R (2-manual, full curved, radiating pedalboard) electronic theater organ console with built in audio system. Organ is in functional condition and has been played daily for the last few months. I've owned the organ since June 2014 prior to which it had been owned by the same person who bought it new in the late 60s. Stop list is as follows:

Pedal Division: 16' Diaphone, 16' Tibia, 16' Bourdon, 8' Flute, String Bass

Accompaniment Division: 8' Horn Diapason, 8' Flute, 8' Tibia Clausa, 8' Dulciana, 8' Tuba, 4' Flute, 4' Violina, 2' Tibia

Solo Division: 16' Tibia, 8' Tibia, 8' Salicional, 8' Saxaphone, 8' Post Horn, 8' Clarinet, 8' Oboe, 8' Kinura, 4' Tibia, 4' Salicet, 2 2/3' Quint Flute, 2' Picolo, 1' Fife, Vibraharp, Harp Celeste, String, Chrysoglott, Xylophone, Chimes

Couplers / Other: 8' Acc to Pedal, Pedal Soft, Pedal Sustain, 16' Acc to Solo, Tone Deep, Panoramic Tone, Trem, Trem Fast, Light Vibrato, Full Vibrato, Reiteration Solo, Reiteration Percussion

Rhythm Percussion: Brush, Bass Drum, Cymbal, Clave (button or couple to pedal); Snare Drum, Brush, Temple Block, Tom Tom (button, couple to solo, couple to acc, couple to both)

There are four factory presets with clear button and a 5 sound "toy counter" as well.

The swell shoe controls overall volume and needs contact cleaning (I might do this in the coming weeks if I have time). Each manual can be adjusted loud or soft, and the rhythm drawer has a volume control. Preamplifiers for each of the three speaker divisions can be adjusted internally and I can show you how to do this upon pickup.

You are responsible for picking up the organ in Wauwatosa, WI or arranging freight. Once it leaves my doorway, it is not my responsibility - be sure to arrange insured shipping with a responsible freight company if you go that route. The organ is sold as-is and returns will not be accepted. I have a moving dolly to help you move it into your trailer or truck. The console weighs approximately 500 pounds so be sure you have adequate manpower and vehicle capacity to haul. No stairs to traverse on my end.

Feel free to call or email me with questions, I like chatting about organs anytime!

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Asking: $500 or Best Offer

Joseph Steven -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Wauwatosa,  WI  USA
Telephone: (262) 563-9783



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