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Want to Sell: Rodgers AGO Pedalboard for MIDI & a Whole Lot More

Category: Electronic Organs and Parts

I normally come here to BUY things but right now I'm trying to clear out some excess inventory since I shut things down eight months ago.

At this point I'm offering a Rodgers AGO pedalboard (magnetic contacts) as well as the contact sending unit with wires. These are great for MIDI conversion projects. This is a big heavy unit.

This board is in great shape and works fine. Pulled from a working organ. I've sold and shipped dozens of these over the years. Shipping is via FedEx Ground and runs around $65 to our area (within 300 miles of Las Vegas) to as much as $170 to the east coast. Email for a quote.

I'll have to check for the model of the organ we pulled it from because virtually everything else from the organ is ready to be parted out as well. It's already been disassembled. We bought this from an organ dealer here in town who was thinning his inventory as well.

I'll update this ad with photos and details before too long. Shoot me a note if you're looking for anything in particular.

Asking: $50-500

Brian -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Las Vegas,  NV  USA
Telephone: Not Listed, Please Email



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