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Want to Buy: need START /RUN switch

Category: Hammond Organs and Parts

I have a HAMMOND organ model A-100. I believe the START switch went bad. When I tried to investigate to replace on my own I noticed the 2 switches are soldered together with a thin wire. If I buy a start switch online I would need to remove the working RUN switch and solder the new START switch to the original RUN switch. UGH! I called a few local techs and can not afford their rates ( I AM OUT OF WORK ) Playing the organ is normally good therapy for me and I do miss it. I am thinking if I am able to purchase a new pair that someone can solder together for me then I should be able to remove the old set and replace it. I will not be able to do this if the wires are the ones that go from the switch deep inside the organ somewhere. I can't even trace where the go. I can only see where they screw into the switch. If anyone can shed some light on this I would truly be greatful. I would also consider hiring someone to repair this for me but would like to try to fix it myself. I think I can handle unscrewing 6 wires on the 2 switches and the 4 on the metal plate. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP
Asking: $20-40

Jack Klein -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Orlando,  Florida  USA
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