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For a number of years, the Estey Foundation has made available various CD's of archived organ recordings, both theatre and classical. For the month of September, we are holding a 25% sale on all our CD's Unfortunately, our website is currently "down." Never fear. I'll be glad to send a form listing all of the CD's for sale, and how to order them. These CD's include organ recordings of Jesse Crawford, Mark Andrews, Archer Gibson, Lew White, Eddie Dunstedter, Lynwood Farnham, Edwin H. Lemare, George Wright, C.A.J. Parmentier, Ann Leaf & Don Miller and Fred Feibel. In addition, there are a number of CD's featuring Estey pipe organs played by "Fats" Waller, Ellen English, and myself. One of the recordings even includes tracks of organ and piano, and organ and reed organ. If you'd like a copy of the listing, just send an email to, with "CD LIST" in the Subject line, and I'll send one right off to you. Phil Stimmel The Estey Organ A Virtual Museum
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Allen,   Custom Classic II,     Phelps design


Galanti,   Praeludium 2,     new pedal contacts


Rodgers,   321 Trio,     external cabinets


Allen,   MDS 312,   $7,995.00   with classical 2nd voicing


Allen,   R-211,   $7,995.00   Renaissance


Lowrey,   Prestige,   $5,995.00   OAK


Kawai,   XR9000,     White


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