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Want to Buy: Wurlitzer pipe work 8" pressure

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts

I am looking for several ranks, offsets and misc to complete a Wurlitzer residence organ. The pipe-work needs to be on 8" pressure. ~ Relay from R20 (1 has to be out there somewhere), 2 note offset chest for Trumpet CC & CC#, Diapason offset chest, String offset chest, small Tremulant (2) 8' Tibia, 8' Horn Diapason, 8' Orchestral Oboe, Brass Trumpet (reality check ~ Gottfried French Trumpet), 8' Solo String, 8' Salicional or 4' Voix Celeste, 8' Dulciana from 4' for Unda Maris *** I have a nice 2 manual console but would like to find a 3 manual from a church or residence organ.
Asking: $$ ??

Dan Spies -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Canton,  Ohio  USA
Telephone: 330-605-8523



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