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Want to Sell: Schantz 3m/46rank American Classic organ

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts Opus 918 is a premium example of the Schantz Organ Company. No alterations have been made to the instrument since the installation was completed in 1969. It includes 8 ranks of reeds, 5 full length 16' ranks, 2 celeste ranks and 5 complete mixtures. The organ has an enclosed swell division of 14 ranks, an enclosed choir division of 12 ranks, and open great division of 14 ranks and an open pedal division of 6 ranks. The electro-pneumatic console has a crescendo pedal, 7 general pistons, 6 pedal pistons, 6 great pistons, 6 swell pistons, 5 choir pistons, 3 antiphonal pistons, and one sfz piston. The 7 general pistons and the 6 pedal pistons are duplicated as toe studs. There are three toe switches for swell to pedal, great to pedal and choir to pedal. There are 8 draw knobs on the right hand side of the console for a future antiphonal division. There are blank draw knobs in the great, swell and choir for future additions. The College have reduced the price to $46,000.
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Asking: 46,000

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