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Want to Sell: Allen MDS-45 2 Man, MIDI, 8 Speakers & Sub-Woofer

Category: Electronic Organs and Parts

Allen Digital Organ Master Design Series MDS-45, MIDI, 4 External Speakers and Sub-Woofer 41 speaking stops and 12 different orchestral/percussion voices You are looking at and have the opportunity to purchase on an Allen Organ Model MDS-45. This is a two manual fully functioning light antique oak finish console. The organ includes four matching bookshelf speakers with decorative grilles and the Allen Organ Bass Speaker Cabinet model B20. The four bookshelf speakers and bass cabinet are currently connected to the organ with 2 conductor 16 gauge cables. This organ also includes 34 tone cards, four Allen Organ HC-15 speaker cabinets not currently being used right now, and 60 foot long 5 lead 16 gauge 2 conductor cable. This cable can be used to connect either the bookshelf or HC-15 speaker cabinets if they need to be located further from the organ. Email me to received 12 pictures including full specifications. The four HC-15 speaker cabinets sounded great in our home but I replaced them with four bookshelf speaker cabinets that work wonderful. The HC-15 speaker cabinets are currently not connected to the organ, but can be combined with the four bookshelf speakers and use one set of cabinets for the antiphonal. There are factory installed tabs, wires and shelves for the antiphonal system in the console and by adding either a four channel M100 amp or the newer M5 amp will allow you to use the antiphonal feature if installed in a large room or Church. This organ has MIDI on the entire organ and is fully MIDI capable with MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and MIDI THROUGH. This MIDI can be connected to an Allen Organ MIDI Expander, any external MIDI sound module, or a remote keyboard. All functions, keying data, stop data, expression, crescendo operation, piston, transposer, etc. can interface perfectly with external MIDI devices. It also includes a MIDI recorder to be used for making a quick and accurate recording of a single piece. This is a great feature and allows you to playback and listen to what you just played. Contact me to inspect and play this organ located in Southern California. For those who cannot come for a visit, I have recorded the five pre-recorded demonstration music styles embedded on this organ called Music Memory™ and can be accessed on YouTube by and I can send you the links via email. The stop list includes all the standard Allen Organ classical voices – mixtures in each division and celestes, a 32 Ft pedal stop, wonderful reads, solo voices, numerous percussions and the adjustable ADR-4 digital reverberation system. Items included: Allen Organ Model MDS-45 Four (4) Allen Organ HC 15 Speaker Cabinets One (1) Allen Organ B20 Bass Speaker Cabinet Four (4) BIC America Bookshelves speaker cabinets Thirty four (34) Tone Cards Original MDS-45 Manual (I can send you the pdf version upon request via email) 60 Ft Speaker cables – Five cables, two 16 gauge conductor each 12 Ft Speaker cables – Five cables, two 16 gauge conductor each
Asking: $3000 OBO

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Telephone: 951-850-5064



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