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Want to Sell: Various items rescued from Roy Davis' collection

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts

A partial list of things from Roy Davis' collection. Photos available for most of the items. Packing/shipping may be possible for some smaller items, but larger things must be picked up from my shop near Chattanooga, or - depending - for a reasonable cost could meet the buyer somewhere along the way within 250 miles.   
MakerItemPitchCommentsAsking price
Wurlitzer/BizikBrass Trumpet8'Expanded scale in bass; needs to be re-crated, but from what can be seen, it seems to be in excellent condition. $6,000.00
WurlitzerFrench Horn8'From Opus 1932 - Arcadia Theatre, Reading, PA. SOLD
Wurlitzer/BizikBrass Saxophone8'Still crated - two small (but dense!) wooden crates $3,500.00
WurlitzerSolo Tibia Broken rank, but if anyone needs fill pipes... there are a few in the 8' octave (FF# thru BB) , then a few in the tenor octave ( F# 19, G# 21, A# and B, then all there from 2'C to the top of the woods plus full set of metal trebles. A couple of these got VERY wet and frankly are practically in bits; a couple of others were damp and need some cleanup, but should be ok. For sure the lips will need to be releathered! I do not wish to sell the (metal) trebles separately. make offer
WurlitzerTibia Clausa8'early set - 1921 - with un-leathered lips. (8' octave has leather lips, and is likely not from this set, but I figured that the wrong 8' octave was better than no 8' octave!) In good shape aside from a couple of notes that got a bit darkened from being damp. The metal trebles are there, and as above, I do NOT wish to sell the trebles separately. $900.00
WurlitzerTuned Sleighbellsn/aAll bells are present except one on low C (of course!) and one of the five for top g#; action has been damp along the way - mostly the rail with the re-it contacts - but looks like it should come back OK. For some reason bells have been mounted on nylon strips the same size as the leather would have been. Takes all kinds, I reckon! $1,000.00
WurlitzerKinura8' SOLD
Asking: $various

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