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Want to Sell: E.M. Skinner church organ. Eight ranks

Category: Pipe Organs and Parts

E.M. Skinner two manual, 32 pedal, 8 rank church organ. Was working completely when removed from local church back in 2015 except for three or four dead notes. It probably could use some new leather though as it is vintage 1964 original. All pipes are packed in crates professionally with the exception of the 16 foot pipes and a few others, but everything is here in one place in great shape in dry storage. Three or four pipes have minor dents and I think one small one is missing. This organ is complete with two Meidinger blowers, all regulators, chests, tremulant, chimes, swell motor, swell shades, swell box components, etc. It is voiced on 4 inches wind. Console has a "capture" style combination action. Ranks consist of 8' English Diapason, 8' Salicional, 8' celeste, 8' flute, 16' Gemshorn, 8' Open diapason, 16' Lieblich Gedekt, 8' Prestant.
Asking: $14,500

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Edgewater,  Florida  USA
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