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Want to Sell: Hammond A-105 Rig With Many Extras

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A HAMMOND RIG A true tone-wheel Hammond, this Hammond A-105 is perfect for home, church, or any venue. For all intent and purpose, itís the same guts as the much-desired B3, but in a C3 case. Given the age of the organ (probably late 1960s or early 1970s) the console itself is in ďliving roomĒ condition. There is one small flaw in the wood just below the lower manual, but it is barely noticeable. Everything works perfectly. Itís self-contained with built-in amps, speakers, and reverb. The grill cloth is completely unblemished (some older Hammonds have ripped cloth), and it comes with the A-105 wooden back so the console can be placed in the open. Of course, the pedals and bench are included. And the A-105 has a fallboard like the C3 which can be closed and locked. But thereís more. Included is a Hammond PR-40 speaker, also in near-perfect cosmetic condition. The Hammond connecting cable comes with the speaker. The Hammond rhythm unit (the one seen on Mike Reedís Youtube videos) is also included as are the connecting cables. In this case, the rhythm unit sits atop the organ because it was never built-in to any true tone-wheel Hammonds. I have removed the music rack to accommodate the rhythm, but it goes with the console. Finally, although there is no Leslie speaker, it comes with the unique Leslie emulator. It creates the Leslie effect without the spinning components. Itís hard-wired to the organ with a special optional adapter. All you need to add are powered speakers of any size, and you have the ironic Leslie sound. The optional trem/chorale switch is included. Now the caution: This instrument is solid wood, and itís extremely heavy. I would highly suggest using professional movers unless you have an army of guys willing to help. That assumes you are relatively local. Iím fine if you want to enlist the services of a nationwide mover, but any moving is totally the responsibility of the buyer. It is in the basement will require going up one flight of basement stairs. The price is firm. I will not part-out the components. It goes as a complete package.
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Asking: 3200

Bill Coine -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Toledo,  Ohio  USA
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