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Want to Sell: Leslie 710 / Hammond Concorde

Category: Electronic Organs and Parts

I'm in dire need of room in my shop, soon. Some of the organs need to go, one way or the other. Either to a new home, or they will become parts. A couple of years ago I acquired this Hammond Concorde ( model 2312M, serial # 1054601 ) and Leslie 710 ( serial # H61512 ), mainly because back when they were new I always wanted to play with one, but never had an opportunity. Since I really am not a Hammond, or Theater, or Gospel style player, it does not fit well in my "collection”. The Concorde is mostly playable, but it has some of the usual LSI dirty edge connector issues. So most of the time it works fine, and other times the upper manual won't work right - softer and kinda distorted. When it is working well, it really sounds nice. This era of Hammond organs, while not the actual tonewheel sound generation, has plenty of guts to it's sound. It does theater style very nicely in my opinion. It also can do a credible church organ ( not truly pipe like, but very full and solid nonetheless ). While it is not a tonewheel Hammond, it certainly does a decent job of sounding like one for jazz, blues, and gospel styles. Cocktail lounge style organ music is what it was designed for mainly, so it is perfect for that. And through the 710 it sounds wonderful. The combination of the internal speakers and the 710 can shake the walls ! I was just playing some selections on it again, and it can really crank. My original plan was to go through the Concorde connection by connection and get it back to fully functional. I know it can be done because lots of others have done it successfully. But my priorities have shifted, and I no longer have an interest in doing that job. Or time, or space, to keep it till I perhaps regain interest in it. I have repaired some things on the Concorde so far. I replaced the music desk lamps, fixed one preset key that would not stay latched, cleaned, adjusted and oiled the internal Leslie. I'm sure I did a few other things as well, but don't recall precisely what they were. There is plenty of information on the Internet about how to restore one of these LSI Hammond models back to pristine condition. This would be an ideal project for someone who likes the sound, and has some time to invest in it. The work involved is not particularly complex, just time consuming. I'll include a PDF of the Service Manual for it too. The Leslie 710 is in fine shape. The motors were adjusted and oiled. Everything in it is original – no replacement drivers. The cabinet has the usual small nicks on it, but is in very good condition. This is a 9 pin Leslie, and comes with the 25 or 30 foot original cable. I am told that a 9 pin model like this can be used with other organs with an adapter kit, but I have no idea what one might be required. This combination really did come out of an elderly ladies home, where it had been since she bought it brand new. It has not been moved often, or used as an entertainers instrument in clubs. I realize that you might think that is just sales talk, but in this instance it is true. From there it came to my climate controlled shop in 2017, and now it is time for it to have a new home. It is in my ground level shop, with a garage door that you can back right up to for loading – no stairs or corners – very accessible. It is possible that I could help you move it. I have the equipment and experience to do it, as I move organs regularly. Pretty much anywhere in Wisconsin would be possible. I don't want to deal with out of state moves though. Of course, if you want me to move it, I would need to charge for that service. To steal a title from Booker T Jones :“Time Is Tight” ! This organ needs to be gone from here SOON. It would distress me greatly to have to make it into parts, but I will do so if someone does not want it within a week or two. This model when new sold for around 10K, as it was the top of the line in that era. The keyboards have a great feel and action – way nicer than I expected. It would be a real shame to chop it up for parts. So, if you have ANY interest in it, contact me As Soon As Possible. I am open to considering ALL legitimate offers. My asking price reflects mainly the value of the Leslie, and the various salable parts inside the organ. You can contact me ( Larry ) via this e-mail : LarryFX1 at yahoo dot com , or by phone at : ( 41four ) - 25four - 333seven, till midnight CDT most days. Please, NO TEXTING ! { All texts will be ignored, because if you cannot abide by this simple request, you are not qualified to do any deals with me. } Please Take Note : Unlike some posters, I actually do read my e-mails. However, if you cannot compose a coherent one, it too will be ignored. My YouTube channel is :
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Asking: $450.00

Larry B. -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
Neshkoro,  Wisconsin  USA
Telephone: 414 - 254 - 3337



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