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Want to Sell: Schulmerich AutoBelCards Campanile Carillon System

Category: Other Organs and Parts

Due to a fundraising drive for a new Schulmerich Carillon, you are presented with the RARE opportunity to purchase a well functioning existing Campanile Digital Auto=Bell Carillon Instrument at a fractional cost of a new model, as well as Schulmerich AutoBelCards.

The original invoice price for this system was approximately $12,000 in the 1990's - which would be over $21,000 today. Get it now for a third or less of the cost of today's brand new systems - all serious offers will be considered. There aren't many second-hand systems sold to use for comparable pricing, as many of these are still reliably operating to this day.

This system is fully loaded with numerous musical selections, and if you are the purchaser, arrangements can be made to choose music to suit your church or organization from a large library of cards. If you have one of these systems in need of service please see below!

This Campanile model has amplifier support for a set of at least four outdoor 70V horn speakers, which would be adequate for even a large space such as a courtyard or large church campus. It supports scheduled musical selection playback, Westminster Chime and Hour Strike, Call to Worship Bell, Call to Worship Peal, and Timed Toll. You also have the option to manually run a continuous peal of up to six bells, or continuous toll of one of six bells from the control panel. The clock has easy adjustment for Daylight Savings Time and unlike systems from some manufacturers, this one is very simple to program and operate. No strange command codes or cryptic scheduling required.

Volume is set digitally so there is no scratchy volume control to worry about. There are NO moving parts, NO fans, NO hard drives, NO CD drives, or any other wear parts to mechanically fail on this unit! It has been very reliable for the years it has been in service.

I (an electrical engineer) have personally cared for this unit for over 5 years and it has been completely reliable in that timeframe. The system has a newer power supply (replaced two years ago) to keep it functioning trouble-free for many more years to come. The display module is also nice and bright and should provide a lengthy service life. The only reason for replacing it now is the desire for keyboard playing and the result of available funding to acquire a larger system.

I am willing to help arrange shipping transport for this unit for the actual cost and if there is a semi-local interest delivery and setup could be arranged for an additional charge depending on the distance and services needed. Please inquire for transport details or with any questions prior to bidding - videos could be provided to demonstrate the sound, as well as much more information via messaging regarding setup and operation.

If you have an instrument of this type that needs service, I personally have experience doing board repairs. The factory can no longer repair most failures on these units - but I *can*. I've helped a few churches with a limited budget get their existing system running again for 10% or less of the cost of a new one! Please message me for more information.

I will also buy systems deemed non-repairable - for parts - broken, so please offer rather than throwing them away! While I can usually repair digital carillons that have fallen into disrepair, I also need parts to offer this service.

Thanks for looking! Don't wait too long or this unique opportunity could be lost!

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Corey -  Email Address Hidden to Protect from Spammers
West Bend,  WI  USA
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