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Want to Sell: Roland Atelier Organ AT-90s

Category: Electronic Organs and Parts

This is Roland's 3rd generation Digital Organ. The sound reproduction technology is very similar to that used in their synthesizers, such as the Fantom or even their RD piano series. Most modern keyboards use PCM synthesis, similar to what the ring tone on a phone uses. A digital organ is basically a synthesizer with two keyboards (manuals) and 25 wooden pedals. PARAGRAPH BREAK Sound capabilities include pianos, electric pianos, strings, brass, guitars, basses; pretty much anything you would find on any modern keyboard. In addition, there are dozens of organ sounds from the categories of Hammond, theater, church, and pop. Frankly, I use them more as a one-man band than an organ. I accompany singers, play solos, and have used them for playing all of the synthesizer parts in stage musicals where many varied sounds are required and must be quickly selected. This model has twelve (12) piston buttons between the manuals that instantly set up both keyboards and the pedal. I currently have three of these including this one, an AT-80s, and an AT-15 which I rigged in a portable case for easy concert use. With my diminished schedule, I am considering that I may can manage with fewer instruments. This is the top of the line for Gen. 3. The last one made, in 2015, was an AT-900, very similar to this one. There used to be dozens of these available but the source appears to be drying up. PARAGRAPH BREAK Generation 3 and newer all feature a color touch screen for doing much of the sound selection. The most popular sounds, such as those listed in the first paragraph, are all on dedicated panel buttons. It has audio outputs/inputs and also a self-contained multi-speaker sound system. I am including two additional 600-watt stereo Crown CTs-600 amplifiers. One will drive the internal bass speaker and the other two satellite aural ambiance effect speakers. They are similar to the rear channels of a surround sound system. Delivery and set-up is available, as I often moved these organs when I was performing. I used this one for about a year at a church and it has sat mostly since. Feel free to ask questions. The finish is white, a fairly rare Roland factory option. It has a full padded bench and glass music stand. The back is finished, necessary for some stage use. Modern organs also function as arrangers, which is auto-play based on the chords you hold with the left hand, also can be done using single notes. The bass, drums, and suitable accompaniment are added in two or three hundred styles, selectable from both panel buttons and the color touch screen. I used the drums at times as a drum machine. I can e-mail you a copy of the operating manual if you want more general information; also available from Roland. Since 2015, Lowrey has followed Roland "out of production". Some European and Asian models are still sold elsewhere. Like I said, I love to talk about these interesting instruments and feel free to ask questions. I have a couple of demos recorded on an older model, since sold.
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Asking: $2500

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Atlanta,  Georgia  USA
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