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J. Nelson & Company, LLC, Representing Allen Organs,  Livermore, CA , CA, Home of Allen organs.
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Users of this system have been receiving emails from parties claiming to want to purchase the item with a cashier's check or Money Order. However they then propose to send 3-4x the amount of money requested and ask for the excess to be wired to some address in Africa or some other third world dirt clod eating country. This is supposedly to pay their shipper for shipping the merchandise or some other flimsy excuse. Of course this is a scam as the cashier check they provide is counterfeit but will take awhile to bounce by design. IMPORTANT: EVEN the BANK IT WAS DRAWN ON often can't tell it's not a REAL CHECK so don't trust ANY CASHIER CHECK even if it is drawn on YOUR BANK and your BANK says its ok. Be leery and aware of any transactions you conduct on the internet particularly where you have no recourse such as international funds transfers. As soon as you see the words "Cashier's Check" or "Money Order" in an email you should be on high alert that it's a possible scam as normal people don't run around volunteering to pay by Cashier's Check in the civilized world. Simply delete any emails of this type and don't reply to them at all. Do not give them your phone number or you will be tormented by operator's for the deaf day and night (this part of the scam is used as calls ran thru operators for the deaf can't be traced and further to gain additional pity from you.) They will telephone you at 3 and 4 in the morning so do not give them any real telephone numbers.
     Want to Sell: Peterson Stop Action Magnets,   $Make offer,   Austintown,  Ohio  United States   5/4/2018
     Want to Sell: Percussion parts available.,   $various.,   South Ogden.,  Utah.  USA   4/26/2018
     Want to Sell: 16' Bourdon 1-12,   FREE,   Wilmington,  MA  USA   4/15/2018
     Want to Sell: Artisan Legacy System,   $?,   ERIE,  PA  USA   4/14/2018
     Want to Sell: Toy Counter for Theater Pipe Organ ,   $1,450 OBO,   Phoenix,  Arizona  USA   4/6/2018
     Want to Sell: Pipe Organ Pedalboard,   $200,   Brookfield,  WI  USA   3/26/2018
     Want to Sell: 8' English Post Horn (61 notes),   $3500,   Pasadena,  CA  USA   3/24/2018
     Want to Sell: SHANTZ 4/37 ROLLTOP CONSOLE-VERY NICE ,   $750,   Knoxville,  Tennessee  USA   3/15/2018
     Want to Sell: Pipe Organ Parts - PRICES REDUCED!,   $20 - $110,   Flint,  Michigan  USA   3/1/2018
     Want to Sell: Wickes 1958 reley,   BO,   Williamston,  Mi  USA   2/22/2018
     Want to Sell: Moller Artiste - Portable,   $7000.00,   Carrollton,  GA  USA   2/6/2018
     Want to Sell: 1928 Wurlitzer 2/9 Theatre Pipe Organ,   $15,000.00,   Cincinnati,  Ohio  USA   2/5/2018
     Want to Sell: chest,   $250,   Lexington,  KY  USA   12/16/2017
     Want to Sell: Play Moller Opus #5211 at Music & Stars B&B,   $62+,   Sylvania,  GA  USA   11/24/2017
     Want to Sell: Classical Notched Stop Tablets,   $offer,   West Hollywood,  California  USA   11/13/2017
     Want to Sell: ROBERT MORTON HEADED FOR LANDFILL ,   $0,   Orlando,  Florida  United States   11/10/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer pedal board,   $free,   Pinon Hills,  California  United States   10/21/2017
     Want to Sell: Engrave your own Wurlitzer stop tabs!,   £ offers,   Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  UK   10/9/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer console relays ,   £ offers,   Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  UK   10/6/2017
     Want to Sell: Christie xylophone bars on frame,   £ offers,   Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  UK   10/6/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer xylophone action,   £ offers,   Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  UK   10/6/2017
     Want to Sell: Schantz 3m/46rank American Classic organ,   70,000,   Joplin,  MO  USA   9/29/2017
     Want to Sell: Solid Sate Organ Systems Relay output module,   $500.00,   Hillsboro,  Oregon  United States   9/20/2017
     Want to Sell: 200+ lead pipes for Theater Organ(s),   $varies,   Berkeley,  CA  USA   9/11/2017
     Want to Sell: high speed blowers,   $375.oo each,   montgomery,  illinois  USA   8/16/2017
     Want to Sell: Moller vox humana.,   300/offer,   Hampton ,  CONNECTICUT  USA   8/14/2017
     Want to Sell: French horn and Saxophone for sale,   $400 each/offer,   Hampton,  ct  USA   8/6/2017
     Want to Sell: Kilgen pipe work,   $various,   Lyndhurst,  Virginia  USA   8/3/2017
     Want to Sell: WURLITZER,   $$$,   Green,  Ohio  USA   8/3/2017
     Want to Sell: FS: WURLITZER DIAPASON, KILGEN 3 RANK CHEST!,   $30-$150,   TOLEDO,  OHIO  USA   7/30/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer 3M Panel Console,   $1200,   Knoxville,  TN  USA   7/25/2017
     Want to Sell: Gottfried French Trumpet,   $email for price,   Phoenix,  Arizona  USA   7/24/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer 16' Diaphone and chest,   £295,   Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  UK   6/29/2017
     Want to Sell: Artisan uMidi Cards,   $65,   Downers Grove,  IL  United States   5/22/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ in home complete,   Donate to not for profit? ,   Rushville,  IL  USA   5/17/2017
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer Theater Organ complete blower toycounter,   $2000.00,   Halstead ,  PA-Pennsylvania  USA   5/14/2017
     Want to Sell: Tilt Tab Assemly (Couplers),   150/OBO,   Loveland,  CO  USA   4/13/2017
     Want to Sell: Robert Morton Parts and Pipes,   contact for price,   Phoenix,  AZ  USA   2/15/2017
     Want to Sell: 50A Astron Power Rectifier,   50,   Loveland,  CO  USA   2/11/2017
     Want to Sell: 30A Pipe Organ Rectifier,   50,   Loveland,  CO  USA   2/11/2017
     Want to Sell: HIGH SPEED BLOWER 18INCHES STATIC 3/4 HP ,   $375.00,   MONTGOMERY,  IL.  USA   1/28/2017
     Want to Sell: Wicks Pipe Organ 2/4 Opus 5169,   $10,000 NEGOTIABLE ,   Norcross,  GA  USA   1/24/2017
     Want to Sell: Must Go Spencer 7 1/2 hp t.o.blower,   make offer ,   Pinellas Park,  fl  USA   1/11/2017
     Want to Sell: Kilgen Theatre Vox Humana and Chest,   $500,00,   Austintown,  Ohio  USA   1/3/2017
     Want to Sell: 3/7 WURLITZER - MAKE OFFER,   $ OFFERS,   Alberton,  Montana  United States   12/31/2016
     Want to Sell: 3/7 WURLITZER - MAKE OFFER,   $ OFFERS,   Alberton,  Montana  United States   12/31/2016
     Want to Sell: For Sale,   $300 - $5,000,   Monument,  Colorado  United States   12/21/2016
     Want to Sell: Moller Double Artiste 1961 REDUCED,   $9800.00 or obo,   Metairie ,  la.  USA   12/8/2016
     Want to Sell: 2 Manual, 3 Rank Original Wurlitzer For Sale, 1928,   Make Offer,   Cincinnati Ohio Area,  Northern Kentucky  USA   11/14/2016
     Want to Sell: Theatre Organ Parts,   $ 12.75 and up,   Pinellas Park,  Florida  USA   11/4/2016
     Want to Sell: 2 Manual, 8+ Rank Organ ,   $2,500 OBO,   Egg Harbor,  WI  USA   10/21/2016
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer organ console 2 manual,   $500,   Tustin,  Ca  USA   10/13/2016
     Want to Sell: 2/10 Moller/Tellers,   Best Offer,   Bethlehem,  PA  USA   8/12/2016
     Want to Sell: Robert Morton 2/8 Original and Complete For Sale,   $10,000.00,   Knoxville,  Tennessee  USA   8/3/2016
     Want to Sell: Unusual austin bourdon 16. 1-12,   $150,   Hampton,  Connecticut  United States   7/28/2016
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer Mahogany Panel Console with uMIDI,   $1,600,   Chattanooga,  TN  USA   6/20/2016
     Want to Sell: C1933 Kilgen 2m/4r Petit Ensemble cabinet pipe org,   $2000 obo,   Hillsboro ,  Oregon  USA   6/20/2016
     Want to Sell: Rare Wurlitzer Style R Organ Roll ,   $50 OBO + ship,   Chatsworth,  California  USA   5/21/2016
     Want to Sell: 10 in. pressure 8 ft. Cor Anglais,   $ offers,   Lakeville,  MA  USA   5/16/2016
     Want to Sell: Wurlitzer 8ft. Quintadena very good shape,   $offers,   Lakeville,  MA  USA   5/16/2016
     Want to Sell: Kilgen 8' Vox Pipes and Chest,   $ Make offer,   Austintown,  Ohio  USA   5/15/2016
     Want to Sell: Wicks 12 note 16 boudon with chest ,   $350 ,   Nashville,  TN  USA   5/15/2016
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